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Surviving the Corona-Crazies

I am currently in the process of moving things from my previous and very bland website to the new & improved one you are currently viewing. This means carrying over my old blog posts. "Surviving the Corona-Crazies" was written back in early March, you know, back when we were all sure we'd be "back to normal" by now. Yet here we are. Mid-November and just as lost and confused about this pandemic as we were then. Needless to say this post is very much as relevant now as it was then. Enjoy.

I’m an introvert. I enjoy being alone. I enjoy time to myself to work on things. I enjoy peace and quiet.

But somehow when it’s forced on me it makes me feel like I’m slowly losing my mind.

I know I’m not alone in this quarantine calamity.

So if this sudden shift in the life that you once knew has you not feeling like yourself, follow this checklist and see if that helps.

1. Maintain as much of your normal routine as possible

Go to bed at a regular time. Set a wake up alarm.

2. Don’t neglect simple self care

Brush your teeth. Shower. Daily.

3. Limit the amount of news and media you’re in-taking.

Pick up a book or start a new hobby instead.

4. Stay in contact with loved ones

FaceTime. Text. Zoom.

(edited November 2020 to add Zoom which has now taken over the virtual world as we know it)


Exercise keeps you healthy and increases happy feelings.

We’re living in the unknown right now and one of the best things you can do is continue taking care of yourself through it. When even one of these five areas starts to be neglected it decreases productivity and increases feelings of fear, anxiety and isolation.

Still feeling like you’re losing it? Reach out to me for more information on my one on one self-help and meditation sessions.

With Love,


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